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Serendipitous Surroundings

Home Decorating is a personal passion of mine! For years I have delighted in leafing through Home Design magazines, acquired a few Interior Design books (Okay….truth be told….maybe a tad more than a few!), watched numerous shows pertaining to home design and decor and subscribed to various websites that just might spark creative ideas.

My adventure in decorating began with my home and serendipitously blossomed to assisting family and friends with their decor or staging. Why do I say serendipitously? Well, the word “serendipity” is defined as chance encounters, events or desirable discoveries that are meant to be. It’s having the imagination or perhaps the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the possibilities. It’s taking notice of our surroundings, inviting and realizing what is conceivable. Oh what fun!

A couple of years ago serendipity delivered and blessed me with the opportunity to decorate a home for the Uxbridge Christmas Home Tour – needless to say I was thrilled! It is truly an honour to have had the chance to collaborate with the Rotary Club and fellow talented decorators for such an amazing cause.

With Thanks, Anastasia Takeda (Serendipitous Surroundings)

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