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Home #3 Designer

Jill Watson

Our family has lived here since 1959.  When the original farmhouse burned down in 1960, my Dad built a new house, with the help of my grandfather, a licenced electrician who wired it, and in which we are now so blessed to live.

Though there have been several renovations and a couple of additions over the years, the original structure and unique character remains, including my mother’s design contribution of the red carpet in the living room.  It’s become a signature feature for those who visit, and together with the soft green walls that surround it, has given the place the family nickname of “the Christmas House.”

I am a self-confessed “Christmas junkie,” with a passion for staging spaces in which to simply love living.  I also believe that Christmas trees can tell a story about the lives lived around them, and so there are several trees, telling different stories.  We are delighted that you have chosen to come and experience them for yourself, and we welcome you to enjoy the wonderful energy here at the Farm.

Jill Watson holds a diploma in interior design, and currently teaches yoga at the Farm, both in the studio, and “on the red carpet!”  New yogis are always welcome to come “Chill with Jill,” as are any requests to help you stage your own space for the utmost living enjoyment.

Jill is most grateful to friends and fellow yoginis, Deb Gradeen, Jennifer Thorson and Connie Prentice, for their creativity and endless support, in transforming the Farm in all its glory once again, into the Christmas House.

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